The Finish Position

This position is the most important to gain feedback in each and every swing that you make through the golf ball. You will find that Dynamic balance – the ability to shift the weight from the back foot to the front in the golf swing. This transference of weight is common to all sports that need explosive force. If you are in balance in the finish position then you are in control from Start to Finish. Most importantly you are in balance at the moment of truth… Impact.
If you ever wonder why you are hitting poor shots. Ask yourself from the finish position… while you are posing in the strong position watching the flight of the ball… am I in balance? If the answer is no then you are swinging too hard. You can swing aggressively as long as you can hold that balanced finish position. The key is trying to find the happy medium between what is too hard and what is too easy.

When your constant focus is to finish in a balanced position you will find that your misses will become much better misses. This is my definition of golf consistency, when your misses go the same distance and direction as when you hit the ball well. Timing is the sequentially linked motion of the body and club in the back swing and the return movement to the ball in the forward swing. A well-timed swing develops in order and then reverses the order on the forward swing to impact.

For example:

  • Back swing timing – wrists, arms, shoulders, hips, legs
  • Down swing timing – legs, hips, shoulders, arms, wrists

Your simple swing thought for the rest of your golf career…

O ften times we get too caught up in the positions of the take away or at the top of the back swing. The most important position is impact… the moment of truth. When thinking about impact players start to think about how to hit the ball instead of how to swing through the ball. Here is the best drill for anyone who wants to really improve his or her golf swing.

At home, in your back yard, or on the practice range, with any club, take a swing and hold your finish position for 10 seconds. Evaluate your comfort level with this position, and your balance. Balance is essential for improving ball striking, gaining distance and becoming more consistent. If you are falling over when you swing, then you are out of balance at impact, which is why the ball did not go where you intended. When you hit an errant shot the first question you should ask yourself instead of, “What did I do wrong?” is “Am I in balance?” If the answer is no then that is what you need to focus on… the finish position.
Hold the finish until the ball lands when you are practicing. Evaluate your balance for each swing. You will notice the better and more balanced you are in the follow through, the better your quality of golf shot will be.

Characteristics are very similar in all of the best players in the world

  • Eyes tracking the ball
  • Standing tall and athletic
  • Shoulders rotated to over 90 degrees
  • Belt buckle towards the target with the hips fully rotated
  • Weight fully transferred to the front leg
  • Rear foot with the toe tapping

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