Lesson Reviews

Driving Presentation

https://vimeo.com/11584113 The drive sets you up for your next shot on each hole. Even though the driver is actually the 3rd most important club in your bag… next to the putter and wedge. If you hit the tee ball well it can be a real confidence booster. Hit a big hook or slice on the […]

The Finish

The finish position is most important to gain feedback in each and every swing that you make through the golf ball. You will find that Dynamic balance – the ability to shift the weight from the back foot to the front in the golf swing. This transference of weight is common to all sports that […]


Impact is the moment of truth, no matter where your clubface is at address, in the takeaway, or at the top of the backswing… the only thing that really matters is IMPACT. The flight of the golf ball does not lie and can tell you exactly what the path of the club head traveling into […]

The Takeaway

The takeaway is one of the most important parts of the golf swing. In many cases the first 3 feet of the backswing dictate the path the club head will travel through the impact zone. The most common error in the take away can stem from a closed stance in your setup, the club head […]

Set Up

You have complete control over 4 things in your setup: Grip Posture Alignment Ball Position If you master the basics it makes it easier to attain results. Grip Strong Grip Weak Grip Neutral Grip The club in your fingers not in your palms. On a scale of 1-10 grip pressure should be a 2 or […]

Greenside Bunker Presentation

Rule #1 Don’t go in the bunker in the first place Rule #2 If you do happen to end up in a greenside bunker get out and get out in one shot. Nothing is more frustrating than leaving a ball in the bunker after more than one attempt. Get to Know Your Sand Wedge The […]

Pitching Presentation

A pitch is a shot that has maximum air time and minimum roll (anything outside of 15 feet from the edge of the green). Normally a pitch shot is hit with a wedge or a club with plenty of loft. Pitching – Face On – Start Pitching – Face On – To Pitching – Face […]

Chipping Presentation

A chip is a shot that has minimum air time and maximum roll. (10-15 feet from the edge of the green) The move is the same for each club that you select. The only thing that changes is the air to ground time ratio. The Ratio: SW, PW – 1 to 1 (1part air to […]

Putting Presentation

The putter is the most important club in your golf bag. Why? You use the putter more than any other club in the bag. It does not matter whether you hit the ball 200 yards or 2 feet, it still counts as one stroke. The only difference is that you should never miss a 2 […]

Club Fitting

The process of club fitting has changed drastically over the past 10 years. It used to be a timely process where numerous static measurements were taken to fit a player for clubs. Since the golf swing is not stationary, static measurement are found to be irrelevant. Now special tape for the club-face and sole of […]