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Driving Presentation

T he drive sets you up for your next shot on each hole. Even though the driver is actually the 3rd most important club in your bag… next to the putter and wedge. If you hit the tee ball well it can be a real confidence booster. Hit a big hook or slice on the first tee and you could be in for a long day.

The Start

  • Address the ball with your feet together and set the club head behind the ball facing the target
  • Flare your front foot open 30-45 degrees open to the target
  • Take a wide stance by taking a big step back with your trail foot (outside the shoulders) keeping the ball just off the inside of the front heel
  • Secondary tilt, allows you to get your head behind the ball keep it there and the shoulders tilting allows you to catch the ball on the beginning of the upswing

The Swing

Since the driver is the longest club in the bag, the length of the swing arc should be the greatest with the driver. Keep the spine angle with your head behind the ball at impact. Fire the lead hip to start the downswing and allow your core to rotate to the full and balanced finish.
Driving || Start
Driving || To
Driving || Finish

The Finish

Characteristics of a well – balanced and strong finish are as follows:
  • Trail foot should only have the toe on the ground
  • Hips fully rotated
  • Core muscles and chest facing the target
  • Head up with eyes tracking the ball
  • Hands high and over the lead shoulder
  • Hold this position for each shot until the ball lands

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