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Pitching Presentation

A pitch is a shot that has maximum air time and minimum roll (anything outside of 15 feet from the edge of the green). Normally a pitch shot is hit with a wedge or a club with plenty of loft.

For a pitch, we use the same basic principlesas the chip shot:

  • Slightly open stance
  • Weight favoring the front foot
  • Grip down on the club for control
  • Ball position changes depending on the trajectory you would like to play the shot

Instead of using the putting grip, use the grip the way you would for your full swing (now you start to get into a pitching motion). This will allow the wrists to hinge slightly on the backswing and promote a more descending blow. Use a club with more loft to ensure that you get the ball up and out of the rough.

Your lie dictates the amount of energy you will transfer to the golf ball. So if you have a terrible lie you must swing more assertively down and through the ball. Similar to when you putt distance control is dictated by the length of your backswing. You should mirror image the length of your follow through to ensure acceleration through the ball.

Think of the the length of the swing in relationship to arms of a clock:

  • 8:00 to 4:00
  • 9:00 to 3:00
  • 10:00 to 2:00

Similar you putting, distance is controlled by the length of your swing.

Some keys to producingeffective pitch shots are as follows:

  • Set up properly
  • Rehearse multiple practice swings for a pre shot routine
  • Visualize the perfect shot
  • Focus on the finish postion
  • Keep the head still

Looking to anxiously see where the ball is going to land will actually produce poor shots, you will loose your form and the flipping of the wrists will typically reduce all chances of hitting the intended shot.

Ball position can be adjusted for the trajectory of the shot you wish to play. For a low pitch we place the ball back in our stance. For mid trajectory shots, place the ball in the center of the stance. For a high pitch place the ball in the front of your stance.

Remember, for all shots the shaft should be leaning forward at the moment of truth – Impact