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You have complete control over 4 things in your setup:

If you master the basics it makes it easier to attain results.


The club in your fingers not in your palms. On a scale of 1-10 grip pressure should be a 2 or 3. Things to check are the lines between the thump and pointer finger should point somewhere between the chin and the right shoulder. And the number of knuckles that can be seen on the lead hand in the address position. If you hold the club directly in front of you the toe of the club should face the sky… and the grooves should be perpendicular to the ground.
Strong Grip
Weak Grip
Neutral Grip
Interlocking Grip
Overlapping Grip
Ten Finger Grip


You want to stand with athletic posture while you are over the ball so that you promote a core/big muscle golf swing. Flare your lead foot about 35 degrees open to promote a good follow through. Stance should be about shoulder width apart and outside the shoulders with the driver (wider). Primary tilt is the bow forward from the hips. Take an iron and put the heel of the club so that it touches your tailbone, the shaft touches between the shoulder blades and the grip is touching the back of your head. Now you are really standing up straight, bow forward from the hips and keep all 3 points touching the shaft. You have now established a spine angle that you should maintain throughout your swing! Secondary tilt is a slight tilt of the upper body so that your head is behind the golf ball at address. Your head should stay behind the ball during the entire swing.


Think of alignment like train tracks (for the right handed golfer) your feet are the left track and the ball is the right track which should run right at the target. Your feet should be parallel left of the target. Lay clubs down so that you can check your alignment during your practice sessions. Look at the target repetitively and visualize your shot flying right at the target.
Open Stance
Closed Stance
Good Alignment
Down the Line Impact
Down the Line Finish

Ball Position

The short irons Wedges-8iron should be played from the middle of the stance. Mid irons 7-5iron should be played one ball length closer to the front foot. Long irons 3,4 hybrids and fairway woods should be played 2 balls closer to the front foot. The driver should be played 3 ball lengths ahead of center or just off the inside of the front heel.

Diagram of alignment
& ball position station:

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